The Rap & The Cross- Flamenco Documentary



Produced, written and directed by Dances of the World Society’s founder Puela Lunaris, sponsored by the Foundation for Ethic Dance and the Consulate General of Spain in New York,

The Rap & the Cross is the first documentary of the Sacred Spain Trilogy. This documentary Trilogy is dedicated to providing international audience with an insider’s view of Flamenco as Rite, as a Way of Life, as an Oral Tradition in Danger of Extinction.

The Rap & The Cross unveils the fascinating and vibrant world of the Flamenco Spring Rite called “Las Cruces de Mayo” in Lebrija (Spain). It explores from different historical and anthropological perspectives the oral tradition known as Sevillanas Corraleras as a form of rap, and its connection with the symbol of the cross. During this Flamenco celebration in Lebrija (in the province of Sevilla), we can observe remnants of ancient pre-christian traditions and the survival of naughty lyrics in spite of prohibitions by the church. The Rap & The Cross also shows how this ancient rite of “Las Cruces de Mayo” has survived all the way to 21st century New York city and is faithfully enacted every year by the Puerto Rican community.

The Rap & The Cross features traditional performers such as Aires de Lebrija and Corraleras de Lebrija, as well as innovative performers such as Ojos de Brujo and Puela Lunaris. It also features interviews with eminent scholars from different countries.

The Rap & The Cross has been featured at the Closing Night of the Lincoln Center’s Dance on Camera Film Festival. It has also been presented at the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center at NYU, The Queen Sofia Spanish Institute in New York City, as well as at the Museo de Baile Flamenco de Cristina Hoyos in Sevilla.