“World-renowned teacher, researcher and dancer, Puela Lunaris carries the flame of an almost forgotten ancient Flamenco Tradition, The Zambra Flamenca”

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Zambra is the name we give to the dance, the music and the celebrations that our ancestors held in Al-Andalus, which was the Arabic name for Spain. Zambras emerged during the Middle Ages as a way to celebrate, through song and dance, important occasions in life.

Later on, The Church and the Royal Court of Spain unsuccessfully tried to wipe out Zambra from the face of the Earth. Even though the Zambra tradition was persecuted and forbidden over and over again for centuries by the terrible holocaust of the Inquisition, Zambras survived to become a cultural hit within Flamenco during the 1940’s.

Unfortunately, Zambras are now in danger of extinction. Aware of this danger, I dedicated many years of my life to research and rescue different styles of Zambras, specially the Flamenco forms that I loved and danced from childhood.


3 ways to keep Zambra alive:

1.Sponsor a Multimedia Demo-Lecture: Zambra vs. Danza Mora

Through performance, audiovisual projections, the listening of rare collector’s item music, entertaining lecture and storytelling, participants will discover little known facts about the differences bestween Zambra and Danza Mora.

2.Sponsor a Zambra Workshop

In this workshop you and your students learn the essence of Zambra. Plus you will get an overview of the fascinating and intriguing Zambra history.


To host a Multimedia Demo-Lecture or a Workshop write to: contact(at), specifying how many participants do you expect, where and when the event will take place. You may also call to inquire 1-212-675-9485 (Eastern Standard Time)


3.Learn Zambra Online at Your Own Pace