Lesson 1

Flamenco Rhythms:Spanish Pronunciation Made Fun:performer from Spain Puela Lunaris. Puela enjoys exploring and describing in simple terms the secrets of the intricate and fascinating Flamenco rhythms.

This can be a great resource for all Flamencos, musicians, singers and dancers.

In this first class we have fun looking into the difference between:


What exactly these important concepts mean within the context of Flamenco?

As a fringe benefit, we also get to listen to some very exciting Flamenco tracks.

To listen, click the file Flamenco-Rhythms1-1 on the player to your right.

Right-Click (PC) or Control-Click (Mac) here, then choose: Save Link As, to download this lessson (good quality mp3, about 10mb) to your computer and listen to it on you mp3 player.

Flamenco Caliente! Practice Music Series

Click here to get a free album when you download Flamenco Caliente! Practice Music Trilogy.